Visualizing Black Holes with General Relativistic Ray Tracing

Okay I ended up making this write-up waaaaaay too long, so before I get into any of the jargon, let’s take a look at the finished product: GitHub repo link Wowie! What you’re looking at is (mostly) what it would look like to orbit around a supermassive black hole, rendered (almost) entirely through physical principles. … Read more

Bayesian Skill Tracker in Express.js and React.js

Link to web app: https://leaderboard.seanholloway.comRepository on GitHub: For this project, I decided it was time that I actually dip my feet into modern web development. My previous web project was almost entirely HMTL and painful CSS, with small snippets of PHP and Javascript. While it felt important learn how websites were made back in … Read more

Fluid Dynamics Simulation in C++ and OpenGL

GitHub link: Here After seeing the video “But How DO Fluid Simulators Work?” from the channel Inspecto, I thought it would be a simple effort to take the same core premise of a grid-based two-dimensional fluid simulator and extend it to include temperature. As it turns out, it was not a simple effort at all, … Read more

Project Directory

Thank you for visiting! Take a look at some of the projects I’ve completed, along with a preview of things to come: Software: Fluid Dynamics Simulation in C++ and OpenGL Bayesian Skill Tracking Web App using Express.js and React.js Home Server and Web Hosting Generating Lyrics with Machine Learning (work in progress) Game Development: Ludum … Read more

Home Web Server and Hosting

If you’re seeing this page, welcome to my living room! You are here: Due to a combined “urge to better learn how the internet works” and “constant need to be working on a project at all times or I’ll freak out”, I recently decided it was time to ditch my expensive Squarespace subscription and my … Read more